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The research tasks will be carried out by five WGs. High interaction among the researchers of all the WGs will be fostered. Each WG will have autonomy to develop their results, which will constitute a piece of the final outputs. The WGs will meet periodically face-to-face for effective networking, whenever possible, and they will keep connected throughout the year through online tools. Moreover, they will participate in the dissemination activities, and timely update of the repository and news published on the website. Each member will be encouraged to collaborate in two WGs so that the WGs can interact through the members in common. The MC will foster and track the principles of inclusiveness in all the WGs. Equal opportunities for participation irrespectively of gender, age or country, will be promoted. The WGs will work in parallel and over a cycle. Thus, they will deliver periodically results that will be taken as a basis to improve tools and address new problems by following the same working plan.